DIY Coffee Oil

I love to have that hot cuppa coffee each morning to kick start my day very little did I know that this little can do magic to the skin.

I love to use coffee in my scrubs. It is an excellent exfoliator for a weekly routine.

But since being introduced to coffee oil I have been a fan of this oil for treating my dark circles.

What is this coffee oil?

Coffee oil
Coffee beans

Coffee as we know it made it route into the English language by a Dutch word Koffie in 1582 which was taken from a Turkish word Kahye.

Prior to this Arabs were known for their drink qahwah which was an appetite suppressant this is how you know why so many weight loss diets have coffee in their meal plan.

Coffea is the name of the plant from where we receive our beautiful coffee beans. Coffee is made from the cherries of these plants. The outer skin and pulp is removed by washing them. The white beans are then roasted on a kilt.


Roasting gives is a typical rich coffee odor that we are so addicted to. What happens is the complex sugars in the coffee beans break down to simpler sugars which are easier to taste. They also release acids in the beans.

These sugars give coffee its caramel, nutty flavor which we all love.

These roasted beans then are ground and brewed with near-boiling water to make our very own coffee.

When we extract the oils present in these tasty beans they are rich in nutrients. They are known as caffeol or just coffee oil.

Today we are going to prepare this beautiful coffee oil at our home.

Method to make coffee oil

To make coffee oil we are going to use whole coffee beans as they are easier to strain than the coffee powder but having said that you can still you ground coffee (not instant coffee) to make this just use a cheesecloth or coffee strainer to filter the coffee.

If you are using coffee grounds you can latter use the grounds in from of a DIY scrub for the body.

It will be highly exfoliating and moisturizing so I would suggest keep it for your body only.

Almond oil is a super ingredient to use in this oil as it is rich Vit E, A, omega 3-fatty acids, and zinc.

If you do not have almond oil you can use sesame or jojoba oil as they also have similar benefits.

Recipe for Coffee Oil

Coffee beans: 2 tablespoons

Almond oil: ½ cup ( or to soak the coffee beans)

A mason jar

A strainer

A jar to keep your final mixture either a flip-top bottle or a squirt bottle

Method to follow to make Coffee oil
Step 1

Add the coffee grounds to the glass jar or mason jar

Step 2

Pour in the almond oil from the top till it covers coffee bean

Step 3

Label the ingredients and the date of this infusion. You don’t want to forget this part.

Step 4

Let the coffee beans steep in the oil for 2 weeks over the sill.

Step 5

Strain the mixture with a strainer or a cheesecloth

Step 6

Pour this infusion into a fresh jar.

Voila!!! You have made your own coffee oil at a fraction of a price.

If you are impatient like me then you can make a hot infusion as well by heating up the mixture on a double boiler for a couple of hours or more (if you stay in colder areas).

How to apply Coffee Oil

For best results do this in your night routine.

Wash your face at night and pat it dry

Take a cotton ball and dip it into this luxurious oil and apply it on your skin under the eye or skin where there are puffiness and inflammation.

Make sure you do a patch test before you apply it.

Let it be there overnight and then see the magic.

Please read more about coffee here.

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